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Diabetes Insurance Reimbursement - Resources & Information

If you are submitting your paid invoices to your health insurance company to get reimbursed for your medical supplies this page will provide you with information they may require to process your claim.

1. Provider Information:

  • ADW Diabetes
  • 2501 NW 34th Place Suite 35
  • Pompano Beach FL 33609
  • Tax ID # 205543555
  • NPI # 1285821264

2. Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS Code):

  • Control Solution – A4256
  • Erectile Dysfunction Device - L7900
  • Glucose Meter – E0607
  • Glucose Test Strips – A4253
  • Insulin Infusion Sets – A4221/A4230
  • Insulin Pump – E0784
  • Lancet Device - A4258
  • Lancets – A4259
  • Reservoirs- K0552

These are a few common codes; please verify with your insurance company.

3. Diagnosis Code – Your Physician can provide you with your diagnosis code, here are a few common diabetes related diagnosis codes:

  • 250.01 Type I, not stated as uncontrolled
  • 250.03 Type I, uncontrolled
  • 250.00 Type II, not stated as uncontrolled
  • 250.02 Type II, uncontrolled

PLEASE NOTE: This page is for informational purposes only; you should contact your insurance company and/or your physician for your insurance requirements.