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Health Care Products

Health Care Products was established in 1993 and is a division of Hi-Tech Pharmacal Inc. Headquartered in Amityville, New York, Health Care Products specializes in the manufacture of over-the-counter health aids and nutritional products for diabetics. Some of the many products offered by Health Care Products include skin creams, foods, and cough and cold remedies. In addition its outstanding line of current products, Health Care Products strives to introduce innovative new items to help diabetics better care for their health.

One of Health Care Products' top-selling items on ADW Diabetes® is DiabetiDerm Rejuvenating Foot Cream. This soothing cream is packed with beneficial ingredients like tea tree oil, menthol, and L-Arginine HCL, an essential amino acid that helps promote the healing of cuts or injuries. DiabetiDerm rehydrates even severely dry skin, penetrating deeply to improve the condition of your feet. ADW Diabetes® also offers high-quality skin cream, hand and body lotion, and heel and toe cream made by Health Care Products.

Diabetic Tussin, a line of over-the-counter cough and cold remedies for diabetics, is another specialty of Health Care Products. These 100% sugar free products range from children's cough suppressant to night time cold and flu relief. The Maximum Strength Diabetic Tussin DM Cough Suppressant and Expectorant is an excellent example of a high-quality product for anyone on a restricted diet. It contains NONE of the following ingredients: sugar, alcohol, sodium, fructose, honey, sorbitol, codeine, narcotics, decongestants, or dyes.

Health Care Products offers food products such as sugar substitutes and meal replacement drinks. Its DiabetiSweet Sugar Substitute has ZERO glycemic response - does not increase blood glucose or insulin levels!DiabetiSweet is the perfect substitute for sugar. It tastes just like sugar, is used measure-for-measure in place of sugar, and it won't increase blood glucose or insulin levels. The real magic to DiabetiSweet is in its unique combination of safe and delicious ingredients