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FreeStyle Diabetes Testing

Diabetes mellitus is one of the leading causes of disability and death in America. It is characterized by high blood glucose levels that cause defects in insulin production, insulin action or both. Diabetes can lead to long-term complications affecting most every part of your body and has been shown to cause stroke, amputation, blood vessel disease, blindness, nerve damage and kidney failure.

However, you can manage diabetes through careful eating habits, an exercise program, weight management, oral medication and routine blood checks using FreeStyle glucose testing products. When you´re diabetic, convenience isn´t always an option. It can be a challenge to constantly maintain a balanced metabolism. Carrying your blood glucose meter and blood glucose test trips is rarely convenient – regardless of your lifestyle.

FreeStyle Glucose Testing

FreeStyle aims to make life just a little bit easier. Abbott Laboratories, maker of FreeStyle diabetes testing products, is the leader in innovative diabetic product development helping patients, like you, manage their diabetes. Using FreeStyle blood glucose test strips, FreeStyle glucose meters and other advanced products, you can regain control over your life – and your health.

Testing your blood glucose levels with FreeStyle diabetic products is easy!

  • Absolutely no coding is required for convenient testing
  • Fast, 5-second average test time
  • Large display for easy visibility
  • Comfortable and easy to hold
  • Stores up to 400 results with date and time
  • Provides results in 7, 14 and 30 day averages

FreeStyle Test Strips

FreeStyle Lite test strips compliment the state-of-the-art FreeStyle Lite Glucose Meter and the Free Style Freedom Lite Blood Glucose Meter. The original FreeStyle Glucose Test Strips are also available which are compatible with the FreeStyle, FreeStyle Flash and FreeStyle Freedom Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems. These blood glucose meters feature alternate site testing, giving you the option of testing on your fingertips, forearms, upper arms, thighs, calves and hands - so routine testing is virtually pain-free. FreeStyle glucose test strips help you avoid the dilemma of sore fingers!

Features of FreeStyle Lite Glucose Test Strips:
  • Work in sync with the FreeStyle Lite Glucometer and FreeStyle Freedom Lite Blood Glucose Meters
  • Fast, 5 second average test time
  • Alternate site testing - test elsewhere besides your fingertip for comfort and ease!
  • No manual coding of the FreeStyle glucose meters is necessary

FreeStyle Blood Glucose Meter

The FreeStyle Lite glucose meter and the FreeStyle Freedom Lite are advanced tools to help you monitor your blood glucose levels throughout the day. The meter is small, lightweight and portable. It comes with a convenient carrying case designed for discreet testing. Just keep your FreeStyle Lite meter in its case during testing for enhanced privacy.

The FreeStyle Lite blood glucose meter helps you:

  • Accurately and painlessly test results.
  • Keep your activities discreet.
  • Navigate easier with large meter buttons.
  • Test your glucose level with just a .3 microliter sample.
  • Test blood glucose levels on your fingertips, forearms, upper arms, thighs, calves and hands.

ADW Diabetes® Offers the Complete Line of FreeStyle Glucose Testing Products

Self-managed care is an integral part of life for those with diabetes. At ADW Diabetes®, we make testing easier and affordable. We always offer low, wholesale prices on the FreeStyle Lite diabetic test items you need the most – including FreeStyle Lite glucose test strips. We have a huge selection of today"s top leading brands in diabetes management and control. Orders are shipped quickly, in most cases, leaving our warehouse within 24 hours, and on the way to you. Don't forget about our Diabetic Coverage AutoShip Program, where you get the peace of mind of having your orders automatically delivered to you where and when you need them! Trust ADW Diabetes® to be the best source for all of your FreeStyle Lite diabetes testing supplies.

ADW Diabetes® is the only diabetic supply store you will ever need! We offer diabetic supplies affordable to everyone, save up to 60% on all your supplies. We offer the best prices and service for all your diabetic supply needs. Please Contact Us if you have any questions, suggestions or comments. We DO want you to be 100% satisfied and you can be sure that we will go that extra mile for you.