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    I just found out that my 12 year old beagle has Cushing's Disease. At first, we thought it was diabetes due to his excessive drinking and urination since those are common symptoms of diabetes. Are these two diseases linked? Should I be doing anything now to possibly stop him from getting diabetes too?

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    Well, there can be a link between Cushing's disease and diabetes as Cushing's disease is a condition where the body making too much steroid. Steroids can cause insulin resistance, so diabetes is definitely something you should keep in mind. Your veterinarian will likely do periodic bloodwork and can check blood glucose levels at those times. Since beagles do tend to like their food and are often chunky, I'd try to keep him at a proper body weight. Just like with people, lack of exercise and obesity can cause insulin resistance. Cushingoid dogs often feel like they are just starving, so you may not be his most popular human if you keep him to proper portion control. Good luck! Joi
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      Cushing Disease in Pets

      Hey Black Wahoo, my dog is having some of the same symptoms, how did you find out it was Cushing's Disease?


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        Still hungry

        My girl has always been hungry all her life that's how she got twice her size. Her diabetes is controlled nicely I think but yet she is still hungry right after she eats. If we give her more she gains weight. Is hungry all the time a sign of Cushing disease?