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  • Meet Dutch!

    Dutch is our 6-yr old Labrador Retriever that was diagnosed with diabetes in 2009. For the most part his diabetes is well regulated, though we do see his numbers sometimes spiking at night. Dutch is on a pretty steady diet, and we try to limit his intake of human food as much as possible. When diagnosed, he was a tad overweight but is now considered to be 'normal' for his age and we credit that to the removal of human foods from his diet along with an increase in physical activity.

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    Is Dutch getting any treats at night? Is he being fed twice daily (with each insulin injection)? Talk to your vet about his curve results. A minor spike may not be an issue, but it is odd that he does it just in the evening if he is like most diabetic dogs who are fed and given insulin twice daily.


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      [QUOTE=Dr. Joi Sutton, DVM;7793]Is Dutch getting any treats at night?

      Hi Dr. Sutton, thank you for reading my note. Yes, Dutch gets a treat in the evening but it is well after his meal. He is on a pretty regular schedule - 7AM and 6-630PM. And his treat is usually around 9PM. We've got a vet appt. later this month. I'll ask about it then. Thanks again.


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        I'm thinking it is probably his snack in the evening causing the spike. I'm glad you have a recheck with your vet to discuss this. You can decide if the spike in glucose is worth his snack. Typically for diabetic dogs I encourage treats to be given at the time of the meal (and the amount of regular food adjusted accordingly). Dutch may have a different opinion than me on this one! Dutch probably really likes snack time. Nonetheless, it does help explain the spike in the evening. Best to you! Joi


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          Our appt. is on the 19th, I am eager to see what he says.


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            I'm happy to report that our vet gave us a similar recommendation - trim down on the size of his meal and give him a treat right after he completes his dinner. We've tried to do this since his appt on Friday and it is not as easy as I expected it would be. Hopefully Dutch can adjust to the new routine in the coming days/weeks.

            Thank you for the advice, Dr. Sutton!


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              Thanks for the update! I'm glad your doc and I concur. I guess tell your sweetie that there is a new treat sheriff in town. . Be well and stay in touch! Joi