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    Hi, there; I have a small cockapoo suffering from diabetes for the last 9 years.Right now this nasty disease seems to be out of control, due to complications with the heart. I need to use a glucometer, to be able to check his sugar appropiatly. The ears, I was show by the medical staff, is the right place, to take some blood,; unfortunaly, he just do not let me use the glucometer there...Does anyone knows of other places where I may be able to pinch him ?Any suggestions will be appreciate.

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    lip prick, and urine test strips

    According to most vets, you can also do a lip prick or above the tail. Or if the pet is uncooperative urine test strips with ketones.

    our vet tests on a paw pad as well, but he doesnt do it frequently.

    heres a website that has some photos of babys having their BG tested......