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Many Diabetic Cats

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  • Many Diabetic Cats

    It seems that all of the people I know who have cats are just telling me that their pets are suffering from diabetes. It seems to be as bad an epidemic as in people now. Is it true?

    Does anyone here know why so many felines are becoming diabetics? Has there been any theories?

    One woman who lives in my building said that she thinks that her cat is too heavy and sits around that is why it now needs insulin shots. Is that it that cats are being overfed and don't get enough exercise -- just like people? Are we and felines that similar?

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    My theory is that pets develop diabetes (type 2) the same way people do - lack of physical activity and overweight. What does anyone else think?


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      I've always thought of Diabetes as more of a "people disease," but I've heard of animals getting diseases that are mostly known to afflict people. I think this has something to do with animals being around people in general and picking up on human habits like overeating and not exercising.