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Dry food and Diabetes in Cats

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  • Dry food and Diabetes in Cats

    According to an article I was reading the other day:

    "As carnivores, cats do not naturally consume carbohydrate in their diets. However, dry foods to maintain their 'dry form' need carbohydrate in order to do so. Overfed cats on this high carbohydrate diet become obese, and therefore run the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. "'

    These dry foods appear to contain carbs, which are actual fillers so the food manufacturers use less meat. Typically, corn is one of the most used fillers and is usually listed as the first ingredient in cheap cat foods. These are unecessary to cats and seem to be associated with the increase in diabetic cases in cats.

    After all it all makes sense, we have started to feed cats foods that they would not meant to consume. Diabetes in cats was a disease never heard about in the old days were cats were fed left over meats or left to hunt mice and birds.

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    I 1st heard of diabetes in cats when my mother was house sitting and she told me she had to give the cat some medicine and I was like what kind of medicine '' she said insulin, and I said WHAT" i was so shocked I had no idea they could disease like this or any disease for that matter.


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      When I was growing up, we always fed our cats table scraps and / or cheap meats we bought for them. I did not know that dry food can contribute to developing diabetes, but I suppose it makes sense...


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        For this reason a lot of people lately are reconsidering feeding their cats homemade diets for and raw diets. There are however, many grain free cat foods but they are more expensive and sold in stores other than mass merchandisers.


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          Found a dry food "good" for diabetic cat

          I had been hunting for a dry food/kibble for quite some time because my diabetic cat was very resistant to any change in his food and his high BG numbers (3-400s) were all over the board (instead of a curve, I would get multiple ups and downs). I started him on Wysong Epigen 90 (90% protein) last Sept and am having great luck with BG control (now mostly 100-180). Most treats these days are now freeze-dried or dry-roasted meats.