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oral meds for cats

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  • oral meds for cats

    Alternatively, glimepiride (another sulfonylurea) may be administered to cats at 2 mg once a day. Acarbose, an oral α-glucosidase inhibitor, has also been used in cats at a dosage of 12.5-25 mg, bid- tid, in conjunction with diet and/or insulin to control hyperglycemia.

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    I am just trying to picture the idea of attempting to give a cat an oral medication. The only way I can imagine is to try to hide it in their food. My cats will eat anything, but I know a lot of cat owners who have finicky cats.


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      There are pill pockets made for cats in tasty flavors like chicken or salmon. They basically consist of treats with a hollow middle to stick the pill. Most cats gulp it up no problem!


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        I don't know how acarbose affects animals but it promotes flatulence in people. It slows down the digestion I'd be aware if it's making my animal uncomfortable or not...


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          We had a cat that would eat dry pills off the floor, and others who would detect a half a pill mixed into their food and reject it.

          I wonder how the medicine mentioned above is given to the cats?