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    Question: I have a female cat about 8 yrs.old, I was told a couple years ago that she was diabetic by the vet in Florida (our winter home) and she was put on ProZinc, 2 units twice a day.

    When we went back to our summer home (Michigan) our regular vet put her on a diet of Fancy Feast KITTEN only and she started doing well enough that we were told she did not need insulin any more.
    All of a sudden after a year or more every time she would eat the Fancy Feast she would through up.
    I got stupid and started feeding her dry food (Meow Mix) because it was all she would hold down and kind of forgot about it.

    We are back in Florida and she was having problem peeing allot and mostly on the floor. I took her to the vet here again and he ran a full blood work up and a urinalysis. I was told again her glucose was very high and she had a urinary infection.
    she can not hold down Clavamox so she was given a series of shots (DANOFLOXACIN) and I was told to put her on a diet combo of 1/4 can of Hills c/d and 3/4 can Hills g/d. After about 3 and a 1/2 weeks her urinary problem is all cleared up, But her glucose was allover the place in a 24 hr. period. I was giving her up to 6 units twice a day, and it was still a little high.

    On my own I decided to switch her to canned Friskies. and in a 24 hr. period her glucose dropped to 116, After about four days now her count has been between 96 and 146 and I feel she is doing very good.

    My question is, WHAT food should I feed her? The vet here in Fla. says I should keep her on the Hills combo,(witch she really doesn't like), because of the urinary problem she had. But I think that is why her glucose was so erratic all the way up to 600s.

    I Hope You can Help, I Try to read your column when it comes out but maybe I missed something.


    P.S. She has not had an injection in 3 days now.

    Answer: Hi, Norman!

    Thanks for writing.

    There is no doubt that Hill's Science Diet has done a whole lotta research in vet nutrition and I am forever thankful to them for that. However... You can't argue with diabetic remission, especially if she likes it. Honestly, it sounds like the dry food is what did her in... The glucose then sets her up for the urinary tract infection (which sounds like it was a doozy).

    Yes, I think the science diet is probably more nutritionally balanced than Friskies, but you can't argue with success. I would suggest feeding the Friskies if she likes it and doesn't like the other option. However, I would for sure repeat a urinalysis in say 2 weeks to make sure she doesn't have a crystal issue. Sometimes infections make the pee more alkaline and they may have transient crystals in their pee. G/d and c/d are often chosen if there are crystals.

    Hooray for diabetic for diabetic remission!! I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you that you got her into remission for a second time. Whee!!!

    Where in Florida are you? I live in the northern end of palm beach county and own tequesta vet clinic. Hello, fellow Floridian!

    Do chat with your vet. And for sure stick with canned food.

    Good work!

    . Joi