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  • Seizure Protocol

    Can you discuss the steps that should be taken in the event that a dog/cat goes into a seizure due to hypoglycemia?

    Thanks so much


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    Hopefully you will be able to identify signs of hypoglycemia before it gets so low that a pet is seizuring. Seizures occur when the blood glucose gets in the 20 to 30 mg/dl range. If a pet is hypoglycemic it will feel very hungry. If a pet is acting wobbly or drunk or blind (all potential signs of a low blood glucose) make food available ASAP and if possible check the blood glucose. If the pet is unaware/unresponsive,you can smear some karo syrup or honey on the gums and get to the vet clinic right away. At the vet clinic they can give intravenous dextrose to get the blood glucose back to normal. Great question, Cinnamon!