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  • Dr. Joi Sutton, DVM

    I'll be honest---I'm not a big fan of bully sticks. although they can help keep tartar off dog teeth they are awfully hard. Pets can break teeth on them! If you do choose to start giving them to your sweetie again, do try to give it around the time of the meal/insulin and perhaps give a bit less food for that meal. Even if they are protein, they are still calories that can raise the blood glucose level, so it's best to give it near the time of insulin. (Any mid-meal snack can cause an unwanted increase in blood glucose.) Make sense?

    Thanks for writing!


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  • Janet
    started a topic bully sticks

    bully sticks

    My 8 yr old Mini Schnauzer named " Scooter" is a diabetic since march 2014 pior to he ate bully sticks which he hasn't had any since.

    We don't give him any snacks now. But was wondering if the Bully Sticks which are all protein would raise his sugar. Noticed his teeth getting tartar on them. thanks, Janet