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  • Howdy all!

    My name is Julie, I was diagnosed 2 years ago with pre-diabetes - never had a test since then. I'm on permanent disability and Medi-Cal co-pay is $1,250 per month, so it's useless to see a specialist as I can't afford to see one.

    I have 10 cats (Am Red-Cross Certified in dog and cat emergency first aid) and have 6 special needs cats and 4 without.

    Was diagnosed long ago with PTSD, Major Depression, Disassociative Disorder, and feel like I am stuck in my own Amygdala for life.

    My cats keep me alive, I have a permit for my cats, they eat the highest quality food and drink spring water, litter always fresh, lots of light, toys, perches, love, play and naps!!

    Was a Legal Secretary/Paralegal for 24 years. On weekends and some week nights I was a pro-foclorico dancer, dancing Brazilian Samba, dances of the Orixas; then when I couldn't take staying that skinny 'cause I love to eat I switched to pro percussion after lessons with some great percussionists in L.A. Used to dance salsa with lots of friends about 3 times a week.

    I have no hobbies anymore.

    Loving my cats and serving them is my life (and NCIS!) heh

    So glad to be here!

    p.s. I picked Charlie Brown for an Avatar 'cause we have some things in common; however, I am female. lol

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    Pre-diabetes and diabetes are really treated the same way. Please visit and read information as well as the nutrition area that I write under "DIY" or do-it-yourself. You will find valuable nutrition information for health and blood glucose control. I'm a cat lover too so ...thank you for being such a good mom!


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      Thank you!

      Hi Marci,

      That website looks great (on my Favorites Bar now) and I'll check it out after kitty chores (some time this afternoon, lol). The chicken looked superb. I eat a lot of chicken! Usually the fattening way, Chicken Cordon Bleu, chicken enchiladas (the creamy way), Monterey chicken, etc.

      I wonder why the first clinic doctor, after diagnosing me with pre-diabetes didn't do anything if the types of diabetes are treated the same way? (I've always had problems with many doctors).

      Thanks AGAIN so much for that information!

      Oh! I tried the ADW site and it comes up as a jewelry dealer - something like that. (Pretty diamonds, though . I'd love to have the site, though... maybe I wrote it in wrong?

      Oh, tell me about your cats - is there an off-topic forum?
      I looooooooove talking cats, anytime, anywhere, any day!


      Julie O'


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        Supply site

        Hi Julie
        Try or Destination Diabetes

        They do connect but you can view them separately too. The first site is for supplies and the second site is for education.


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          Hi Marci!

          I definitely have both websites on my "Favorites Bar" on my computer so that I can easily access them. I delay reading them because it's hard for me to read black and white - it actually hurts, just like bright light, any light hurts my eyes really bad.

          I also have BPPV. Opened my eyes from sleeping one morning and the room was spinning like that right where you spin and the bottom drops off, but 10 times worse, I literally couldn't move (and really had to go to the bathroom). This just started last year or the year before (my memory is way off, too now)

          I have an appointment with a different clinic doctor after my next paycheck (3rd Wednesday of July) and will have my testing re-done.

          Anything specific I should ask the doctor? (At these clinics you don't have but 2-5 at most minutes with the doctors, so if there's anything I need to ask the doctor, I will write it down so I can get it out quick.

          Thanks so much for replying to all of my threads!!
          I deeply appreciate it! )


          Julie O'