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  • Newbie here with a question

    I was diagnosed with Type II in July. I am taking Metforim and Lisonopril 10mg. My blood sugars are doing well for the most part but I'm concerned about my blood pressure.

    My BP has always ran around 120/80. The last few weeks, I have had a couple of periods of lightheadiness and it finally occurred to me to check my BP. If I am being active, it's ok (usually around 110sh/70's). When I am at rest, though, I am getting readings as low as 86/46. I don't know whether to be too concerned or not. Anyone else have this happen to them?

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    Blood Pressure

    I would highly recommend speaking to the doctor who prescribed the Lisinopril - the high blood pressure medication. Perhaps you need an adjustment in medications. Have you changed any part of your routine lately?

    I also recommend testing your blood pressure 2-3 times and use the average as your number. Make sure you are properly hydrated - drink adequate fluids throughout the day.