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Promoting Anti Aging Stem Cell Research

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  • Promoting Anti Aging Stem Cell Research

    Regenerative therapies are at the forefront of stem cell studies in the field of anti-aging research. This type of research utilizes advanced cellular therapy methodologies to replace damaged or dying cells, which accelerate the aging process. These cell therapies rely on the transplantation of healthy and vibrant cells that have been isolated and multiplied in an environment outside the body. They are then injected into the body or skin, depending on need, to supply a healthy source of new cellular growth.

    Pre-engineered adult stem cells are often utilized in such research, as well as research into other fields of biomedical technology including cardiac care. Adult stem cell therapy utilizes a patient's own stem cells harvested through a typical blood draw. These cells are then sent to laboratories where they are cultivated and multiplied. Patients receive injections of the new cell growth about a week later. The injected adult stem cells then stimulate the regrowth of tissues and cellular structures throughout the body or in specific areas where they are injected.