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    Do you find most food labels to be accurate regarding the needs of a diabetic diet?

    I wonder if sometimes different names are used for relevant ingredients?

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    Good question. I find that the labels and oftentime the ingrediants list to be in error. I have worked in the food industry and know that labels are often incorrect, but not enough to be totally bogus. I just do not trust them for insulin injections. Plus, if you do not measure the serving size correctly, then the label does little to help you.

    They will be near to correct if the serving size for the container is one serving. Watch for ingrediant variances as many will say corn products when they mean high fructose corn syrup. And this will probably cause an spike in your BG levels.

    Just be careful with prepackaged foods and read the labels with extra caution. Get a small book "Food Additives" by Ed Blonz, Ph.D., and learn from it.



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      I've been hearing a little in the news about the use of corn syrup lately. I hear it's a cheap sweetener and that's why it's used in spite of the fact that it's a bad choice.

      I've spent some time in cookie bakeries earlier this year, and I can imagine irregularities of ingredients happening in large facilities.