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Mother of a diabetic

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  • Mother of a diabetic

    My adult son has diabetes. I do not. When I go to the grocery store, I try to buy food items that he can eat. But a few items, that contain sugar, I buy for myself. I understand some of the difficulties of being diabetic, but I was wondering if having items that he cannot eat in the house is an unnecessary temptation?

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    People with diabetes can eat sugar, it's HOW MUCH they are eating. If the particular food you are talking about has a portion controlled serving size: let's say, an ice cream pop (something already measured), it may be easier to control the amount he consumes. Your son will always be around foods that may not be the best choice to consume. Has he been educated by a dietitian who specializes in diabetes? He/she would give him an idea of amounts of foods he can have and healthy choices to focus on. It would be best for you and your son to have mostly healthy choices in the house but always remember that you are human and must not be overly restrictive!