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  • Parents?

    What do your kids do all day during summer vacation? Please give me ideas

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    Have your kids joined the scouts yet? My friend's kids have been scouts for years and there is always something to do with that organization.

    I once asked friends what they do with their kids if they don't have a place to send them. I remember these things because they looked like fun things to do for adults too.

    If the kids have something to ride, like a bike or roller skates, have them do that, if it's safe. If they don't, see if your budget can stand your buying them skates or a bike and that can be the summer's lesson. Remember skates or a bike will last for years. And all the exercises are good for diabetic kids to do. Also make sure they have all the safety gear. Let them pick it out. What with all the web searches you can do on it, you can take up a month just deciding what to buy.

    And you would be surprised how many kids do not have a jump rope of their own. So many kids are electronically up on toys that many have never used something as fun and simple as a jump rope. And if at all possible get one for yourself. Yeah it's been years, but just have a good bra on (for women) clear the way and JUMP. It's really good for you too!


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      Originally posted by ellbell View Post
      What do your kids do all day during summer vacation? Please give me ideas
      What are the ages?

      There are many things, depending on the ages. Often for school age children there are summer sports. Your school could have more suggestions. If there is a YMCA or YWCA, then there can be activities there like swimming classes. Call and find out.

      Are there any nature areas near you. They may have activities for children. Your church may have summer activities and they may know of more activities.

      Also inquire at the local arts center, local chamber of commerce, local library, local city hall.

      Hope this also helps!



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        Work the Fair

        We are county fair board members so our summers are built around getting the fair grounds ready and help set up for the local county fair.
        It fun and gets all out of the house.