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  • Gone?

    There have been so many people passing away recently. Mostly celebrates and most of them surprises.

    I pretty much knew that Ferrah was getting weaker, with all the news specials about her, but her actually going was sad. Michael Jackson's passing was as amazing a bad dream as we all can have as children of a certain generation. But he said that he was always afraid that he would go like Elvis and I guess he did. Billy Mays, the announcer is a big surprise too as was David Carradine.

    It's been a hard early summer, hasn't it? I hope we don't get any more surprises from any sources.

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    I know!

    These people are all so young - it's weird. Alot of young people in my area have died too recently. What's going on?


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      It has also struck me that Farrah lost her tough battle to live while MJ somehow lost his life by mistake. The same goes for David Carridine. I can't tell which is sadder, to lose the fight to live or to lose your life by mistake.


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        I don't know - I'd rather not suffer through an illness - I'd rather just drop like MJ


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          t was a big shocker with carradine

          It was a big shocker with carradine. I wonder what the ultimate conclusion is. Everyone disagres with the Tai investigation.

          then one after another. It was like teh year my dad died.. strange how many passed.