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  • Feeding Babies Sweets

    I was watching an interesting TV show the other day that was a documentary on ice cream. It talked about its history in the US and was very interesting and enjoyable.

    But one part made me cringe. The show went to different ice cream shops around the country, and it seemed that, at each shop, parents with little babies in their arms fed the kid a spoon of ice-cream, and laughed with delight at the look of bliss on the kids' faces after tasting ice cream.

    Now I had strict parents and we never had sweets or treats in the house. I don't remember when I had the good stuff for the first time, but I do know that we never had it in the house without a special occasion to go with it. When I saw the little ones being fed rich ice-cream, all I could think about was that it was their first step to a life-long bad habit and that it would be better to not let kids know about such treats for a couple of years.

    Have you fed your kids real desserts before they could walk? I mean, since babies and little children can't get things for themselves, then the parents can keep them on the healthiest diets for their developing years.

    Do you think it's OK to start little ones asking for ice-cream?

    At what age did you introduce your kids to rich desserts?

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    My children 1st had ice cream at their 1st b-day party and they seem to only have it at their b-day parties we are not big ice cream eaters around here but I would have to say 1yrs old for any sweet but just small amounts.


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      i gave them and so did my mother

      I gave it to my daughter, frozen custards and frozen yogurts mostly because of the higher protein.

      Making your stuff at home is easy and you can boost up the protein/fiber ratio.

      If making ice cream at home add fiber supplement powder and whey protein powder. It boosts it up without the nonsense and no funny flavor. We often make ice cream at home.


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        Developing our eating habits

        When I was growing up my father would air pop popcorn or slice up apples and we would have that for dessert. I never craved sweets but I do love popcorn!

        I see many parents who encourage their kids to eat sweets and keep many choices of them in the house. I cringe because they are teaching their kids poor habits and offering them sugar and fat at such an early age. Arteries can get clogged whether you're 2 or 92!

        On the other hand, there must be some kids who were raised on sweets and don't like them or vice versa.


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          You saw them doing this in an ice cream shop and your mad because you didn't have sweets like that at HOME?
          I don't like the idea of giving babies sweets like that all the time, but what you were seeing might have been a special occassion for that baby.

          Strict upbringings usually result in rebellion at some point in your life, where you HAVE to have what you weren't allowed to have for so many years... and you overdo it... and you soon realize why your parents kept it from you.
          It's just how we work, and obviously your strict upbringing stuck with you.