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Birthdays for Diabetics

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  • Birthdays for Diabetics

    Hi. Tomorrow is my birthday, the first birthday for me since diagnosed with Diabetes. My family is trying to make my day perfect and wonder how to handle the cake? Any ideas out there for a delicious, sweet, but Diabetes-friendly birthday cake? Doesn't necessarily have to be a cake, either, anything sweet or festive would do the trick?! Thanks, in advance for any ideas!

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    Check out the Desserts section on Destination Diabetes

    Hi, dsh - welcome to the forum.

    You should check out the diabetic desserts in the Recipes section on our free diabetes information site - Destination Diabetes, some of which were created by diabetic cookbook author and nutrition expert, Marlene Koch.

    I'm sure you'll find something delicious yet diabetic-friendly there, and best of all....
    Check out the ADW Diabetes Newsletter Archives for great information, product spotlights, and diabetic recipes!


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      Happy belated birthday I hope it was a blast for you. For birthdays I usually do them here at home and I use sugar free pudding for the cake it pretty fun and the kids get to help Anyway just wanted to wish you a happy belated b-day!!!


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        If you are an adult, you have to decide how to handle your birthday based on your own needs.

        My ex husband used to have a bad time with these occasions until the doctor finally told him that quality of life must be considered.

        A special day with cake and other sweet treats added quality for him, and so on special days he indulged himself.

        Each person has to consider what life and living means to them, outside of what others would have for them.