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Best diet plan for those at risk

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  • Best diet plan for those at risk

    What is the best diet plan for those at risk of getting Diabetes? I don't currently have it but I am way overweight and have a history of diabetes in my family. Every doctor I have talked to tells me something different so I'm wanting to get you all's thoughts on it.

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    Anybody have any ideas? I've recently added some light exercise and I'm on the fence as to whether I want to just try to eat healthier and watch my fat / calories or if I should go with a Atkins type Low Carb diet which has worked well for me in the past.


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      The best plan is to consume foods which has adequate carbohydrate content along with the fibers. Daily morning exercises will help a lot. Don't always stick to meat products.


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        Dairy Products

        Should those who are predisposed to diabetes steer away from dairy products?


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          I have seen two approaches.

          Some people figure they should have as much fun as they can before they become diabetic, and others do everything they can to avoid becoming diabetic. What you do will depend on what category you are in.

          If you aren't already diabetic, the type of diet and exercise should be based on your goals, but if you are at risk then making your exercise routine something relatively simple, like walking, seems wiser than taking up jogging, IMHO

          As far as eating goes, eating a balanced diet and controling weight gain should be enough, shouldn't it?


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            if his not yet diabetic, but still at risk to have one, for his family have history and also lifestyle can be a factor, now its good that your doing exercise, your looking into your diet to eat low in calories. doing some check ups and monitoring your sugar is a way that you will be on guard to have DM.


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              Those who know themselves to be at risk for developing diabetes should have already been warned by their doctor.

              With this in mind, it's a good idea to have your doctor or nutritionist provide you with a one of those pamphlets showing diabetic diets for 3 daily caloric levels. Following the diets will give you a good "feel" for how to improve eating habits.

              By the way, it's the same diet that Jenny Craig uses, once you stop eating the program's food and start eating your own food, meaning the diet also aids weightloss.


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                OK, so the basics are good nutrition and stay with "whole" foods and stay away from processed sugars.

                That I already do.

                Is there any link with starches and pre-diabetes? I read that potatoes cause spikes in blood sugar, would that be so for a non-diabetic also?


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                  I'm learning as well that a concentration of starches and carbohydrates are not good for those who are pre-disposed to diabetes.

                  I take the point about having as much fun you can before diabetes well and truly set in!


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                    hiii.. my genetic background is diabetic and i am also at risk to inherit it as family gift... what is the lifestyle i have to follow as precautionary step to get rid of that....!!!!!