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Sugar and Sugar Substitutes - Trick or Treat? (October 22, 2008 ADW Newsletter)

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  • Sugar and Sugar Substitutes - Trick or Treat? (October 22, 2008 ADW Newsletter)

    Marlene Koch once again gives some great tips for healthy eating - this time for the Halloween season!
    Check out the ADW Diabetes Newsletter Archives for great information, product spotlights, and diabetic recipes!

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    Cake Baking

    What products can you recommend that will substitute the graininess of sugar when creaming it with butter/margerine to give that 'fluffy' texture to cakes?


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      So the "no sugar" candies have sugar alcohols. Interesting.

      I bought DH some of the Reeses cups to try (little small ones). He says they are quite good. One of those and he doesn't feel so "deprived" when he has a chocolate craving.


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        Any one used no flour no sugar diet?

        Not long ago on the web, I found a fascinating diet called "no flour simply no sugar diet".
        This led me into confusion. What is eat, that would not really be any flour or sugars?
        Indeed these two products are almost everywhere.
        It turned out there not all that difficult. After studying details, I produced my no flour no sugar diet food list .

        1. Non-Starchy Vegetables and Fruit

        Suggestions for foods inside this group include green salad, raw or perhaps steamed carrots, celery stalks, steamed or even sauteed zucchini, strawberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, blueberries and tomato. The advantage of eating many of these veggies is that they are relatively low in calorie consumption, and fill up you up - so you can eat a whole lot without eating too many calories in a single day.

        2. WHOLEGRAINS, Legumes, and Starches

        Foods in this category include rice (brown or wild rice is the greatest), oats, barley, quinoa, corn and potatoes. Remember that you may include some polenta in this section, since it is manufactured out of corn and not flour. Popcorn can be an acceptable snack, since it is a whole grain. Food items in the legume family members are allowed. These include beans, seeds and peas. Make sure there is no sugar added in the event that you purchase canned beans, such as for example in brown beans with molasses. Dried beans tend to be good because they're lower in sodium. Sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, soybeans, almonds, garbanzo beans, kidney beans, peanuts and nut butters are all acceptable foods.

        3. Meats and Dairy

        Seafood, poultry, lean pork, lean ground beef, eggs, low-fat yogurt, low-fat milk and low-body fat cheese are permissible in the dietary plan. Salmon, tuna, lean beef, chicken, turkey, eggs, and dairy such as yogurt and cheese belong to this category. Also shows that seafood, eaten once weekly, is a great protein.

        4. Fats

        It is important not to remove all fats from your diet. Healthy oils include olive oil, sunflower oil, nut oils, avocados and avocado oil and coconut oil. Butter is also acceptable, in moderation.You may make use of these oils for cooking, or drizzle your meal with essential olive oil. Toss your popcorn in butter or coconut oil. Another food saturated in healthy fats is olives.

        Personally, it had been very hard to remove sugar and flour from my diet program.
        But then slowly I acquired used to the brand new lifestyle. And certainly after a month I began to get the very first results of weight loss.

        However, when it had been that can compare with sweet, I utilized sugar substitutes.

        Maybe someone to share their set of foods to this diet?


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          Sugar and Sugar Substitutes – Trick or Treat October 22 2008 ADW Newsletter


          Splenda replaces sugar "one for one" by voume. 1 cup suger=1 cup Splenda.

          Maybe its just my taste buds, but I prefer about 10 percent by volume more Splenda.

          BTW, its a little pricey, but if you have a Sams Club in the area, they have Splenda in large boxes at very low cost.