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How to get enough fiber

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  • How to get enough fiber

    We all hear about the importance of fiber but some of us wonder how to get enough - 14 grams per 1000 calories you consume per day. Roughly 25-35 grams of fiber each day would be a good goal. Start gradually and allow your body to get used to it!

    Try to incorporate foods like beans, grains from high fiber cereals (with minimal, if any, sugar) - I prefer hot cereal that is 100% grain, fruits and vegetables. It's pretty easy to get adequate fiber. If you replace white bread and low fiber cereals, white rice, white pasta with the whole grains - you have accomplished even more! You now will rid yourself of lower quality foods and replace them with higher quality/nutrient dense/high fiber foods that keep your body strong and help to level out your blood glucose.

    Another tip is to use berries or other fruit as your sweetener. Instead of consuming cereal with sugar, add berries and it will naturally sweeten it up as well as provide some nutritional value.