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    I am confused about what is saturated, unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Do they have distinct differences if taken by individual diagnosed with the condition?

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    Saturated fats are the ones people with and without diabetes want to stay away from. Saturated fat is found in butter, lard, chicken skin, high fat meats etc. While monosaturated fat and polysaturated fats are considered the good guys. You can find monosaturated fat in a variety of nuts and oils such as almonds, cashews, pecans, and peanuts
    Olive oil, Peanut butter, sesame seeds. Polysaturated fat is found in a varity of oils such as Corn oil ,Cottonseed oil
    Sunflower oil ,Walnuts, sunflower seeds etc.
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      fat differentials:

      Fat primer:

      Everyone needs EFA or essential fatty acids. These fats are needed to store, transport, repair and convert to energy.
      Omega 3s fish oils, olive oils etc are good fats.
      Diabetics need to keep fats in check becaus eof gallstome formations, acidic cellular support etc.

      small amounts are needed dailyf or bowl function, jointa nd nerve insulation. Avoiding them can lead to a variey of degenerative problems. Choose wisely and if you have ot eat high saturated foods increase fiber to help it along.


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        saturated vs unsaturated

        Just a correction....
        Saturated and trans fat are the ones that clog your arteries and raise poor cholesterol levels.

        MonoUNsaturated and PoluUnsaturated fats are the good guys. The monos are the best. Too much of anything is not good, however, Remember that FAT is FATTENING! 9 calories for each gram - unlike - protein or carbs which has 4 calories per gram.

        Even olive oil or canola oil - highest in monounsaturated fats - DO have some saturated and polyunsaturated fat in them. One fat serving is a TEASPOON of oil. There are 3 tsp. in each Tablespoon. When using olive oil to dip bread, fry eggplant, etc. or drizzle on salads, remember that each tablespoon is 120 calories!