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Foot Care and Flying

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  • Foot Care and Flying

    What are the best ways to protect your feet when flying long distances?

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    I am not sure I understand what you are trying to ask.
    What does 'flying long distances' have to do with foot care?


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      I am thinking Mandiees is referring to the fact that when flying long distance the immobility causes the circulation to slow down causing the blood to pool.

      I think the best protocol would be moving about on long flights.


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        I have edema caused by an old injury.

        I carry a bucky pillow, toss it on the floor, and play with it with my feet. I can push on it, dig into it, pick it up with my feet and turn it over.

        Simple and it works.

        It also lifts my legs up just a bit so I don't have the pressure edge of the seat on the underedge of my thighs. This seems to help.

        If I don't do this, my feet are like clubs by the time the plane lands.