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  • Croc's Diabetic Shoes

    Crocs has a very nice diabetic shoe out now. It has got a very cushiony insole and looks great too.

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    Thank you for letting us know that. I find that there usually is not much of a choice they all look the same it seems. I will be checking out what Croc's has to offer.


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      i was looking at these shoes and was wondering if they feel good on the feet i saw them online for 45.oo


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        crocs in heels

        I saw the crocs page anf saw these wonderful 3 inche heel shoes.....
        they woudl be so good fro our feet and fashionable too. theonly thing I woudl do is put a thing strap to pre\vent the foot from slipping foward to much. Crocs have atendency to stretch too.........

        They woudl be worth the money..e specialy the onles with silver in it to kill bacteria.. I know of two store here thatahve them but not the heels which is what I want....


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          Yeah you almost never see them with heels like that. They sure look like they would be comfortable and it sounds like the price is not bad at all considering.


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            Your very welcome, Simplyme. My grandma used to hate it because she loved clogs but it was sometimes too hard for her to wear once she got diabetes.


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              i love the new styles

              the mary janes are so cute. And the heels..

              I had a pair of original Dansko clogs and loved
              them, until i forgot aboyut them in teh runk of my car and the leather went funny.
              I woudl love to buy another pair, Ikjust like the feel of a true wood clog..

              but these are so squishy like bedroom
              slippers all day long


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                I've been wearing regular crocs for a couple of years now and my feet have never felt better.
                I've looked at the diabetic crocs and might try them next time.
                I also bought a pair of the mary janes and they are just as comfortable on my feet as the regular crocs.
                I know some people don't like them but crocs have totally changed my feet as in they never hurt!
                I used to wear walking or running shoes for a couple of hours and be hurting.
                I can walk all day in my crocs and not have any foot pain at all.
                I love them and don't plan on wearing anything else ever again.
                I saw crocs makes sneakers too.


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                  sneakers are good 2 wear and its very comfortable for walking


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                    Aerosole shoes do have added things for comfort like suede like linings and extra cushioning. They also have good griping soles, which is a benefit in the rain and snow. There may be cheaper shoes and sandals on the market, but they are lacking some of these extra features.

                    aerosoles shoes