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    So I bought a pair of nurse clogs............ in bright peony.
    and my feet are happy.
    they are soft, durable and for me they have no massaging bumps. just plain soles.
    Mine are from NAtural UNiforms. I suggest anyone with foot problems get a pair of these. they come in different colors and you can wear them anywear including low level hikes!
    They cushion and protect against all kinds of foot problems and they keep your feet warm and well yu ahve to try a pair to beleive it.
    I was so hesitant to get them now I am going after lime, black and white. they look awful but who cares they feel great!

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    Feeling comfartable in them is most important, congratulations on your purchase


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      Are these the same as the Crocs?


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        I am not sure I have ever seen these shoes, what do they look like? Do you have a photo, by any chance? Do they make them for both men and women?


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          Thats right feeling comfortable is important.


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            It is very important to buy a pair of shoes which fits just right and of course, comfortable. This also applies more importantly in the case of diabetic patients wherein they need to take good care of their foot.


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              SIKA comfort clogs are designed for comfort, safety and durability and are designed for people who spend time on their feet in Institutional, Medical, Hotel, Restaurant and Industrial settings.

              * for Nurses, Chefs, Doctors, Restaurant Staff
              * made to meet industry standards
              * extremely comfortable and attractive
              * available in black and white
              * breathable, water repellent upper leather
              * padded or birchwood insoles
              * antistatic insoles
              * antislip and chemical resistant soles
              * top selling occupational shoe sold in Europe
              * long lasting life span
              * affordably priced