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diabetic Gout

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  • diabetic Gout

    Diabetic gout is bit different than non diabetic gout.
    Gout is the accumulation of uric acid in the blood stream pooling at large joints. Most commonly the big tow.

    Diabetic gout however can be brought on by microalbinuria or protein in the blood stream.

    This is one condition that many doctors will discount ebcaue you are often not showing uric acid but showing signs of proteins.

    This is also a way to detect unbefore noticed kidney problems.

    Gout irregardless is symptomatic. Pain, redness that often can be confused with bunion.
    To treat is you know you do not have bunion is limit proteins, drink plenty of water and use a Tylenol type rpoduct.

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    It can definately become a huge problem. My neighbor is having his foot removed at the ankle b/c of it.


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      gout meds

      What about gout prescription medications like allopurinol? There are others as well that may be prescribed. Lots of water and avoiding organ meats and shellfish primarily.


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        Gout is itself very drastic and if neat and tidy care is not taken, definitely it will react in very bad effect with diabetic.