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twisted or fractured ankles

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  • twisted or fractured ankles

    One thing we all have to watch out for is our ankles. I fell the other day after getting my foot caught in some weeds in a freshly plowed field.
    We could not see anything at all on the foot until day before yesterday when a lovely Purple bar was on the outside of the ankle just below the ankle bone.

    many times a fracture, dislocation or sprain will not be noticeable on X-rays either.
    If you get an injury expect it to last at least four weeks or more before you can do any serious exercise on it. and it will always be a vulnerable spot again.

    Standard treatment helps, but if it balloons up or becomes discolored get a seocnd opinion. Mine did that too but no one oculd find anything. So I began with a serious pain killer and anti inflammatory tea.

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    twisted or fractured ankles

    I spot an error on the Scatterpack description...
    "it can shoot down Anti-Air targets"
    Dont you just mean "air targets"?

    Somethings messed up at the end of the Whaloon description too.