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a diabetic foot ulcer

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  • a diabetic foot ulcer

    diabetic foot ulcer is an open sore or wound that most often occurs on the bottom of the foot, and may be present in approximately 15 percent of patients with diabetes.The wounds are a result of poor lower extremity circulation caused by the disease. Because reduced circulation is often accompanied by a decreased sensation of pain, many foot ulcers go unnoticed by the patient until they are severe enough to require medical treatment. If left untreated, these foot sores can often become infected and may eventually lead to amputation.

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    Thanks for posting that. My grandma actually developed one of those and if she had not discover it in time, they said it may have cost her a toe.

    People affected by diabetes should monitor their feet carefully by inspecting them and touching to detect raised temperature often indicative of infection. Hand held thermometers may be helpful aids in acknowledging temperature changes.


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      thanks for sharing my son doesn't go through this right now,but from time to time I so rub his feet if he say they hurt and I like to keep his toes cut and feet just really clean because I know these type of things can happen.