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  • What Meter Do You Use?

    What kind of meter do you use and what do you think of it? My friend wants to get the one you can use on your arm and I do not know anything about it.

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    I'm currently using the FreeStyle Lite,; ButI"m switching to teh Easy Check from here Did you see the price? LOL! Much easier on the budget You can use it for alternate testing sites too. So, yes it can be used on the arm.
    Take Care


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      Easy Check? I'll have to look into that I could not remember the name of any of the ones that worked on alternate test sites. And no I have not looked at the price...that bad huh ? Well if I get it for my friend it will make us even for the next couple Xmas's


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        I use the freestyle lite

        I got one for free at a health fair and it works great.
        It has alternate testing ability as well. So does teh free one touch simple start. It comes in pink.
        I also have an ultra 2 and an Xtra.

        But Ilike teh lite the best and the original profile for double checking.
        Get her one or two or even three for free of different types. there are some listed at the start of this under news for links to free meters.


        BTW I dislike alternate testing, its worse on me than finger sticks. I like finger sticking no bruises on my arms..


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          I thought it was suppose to be less painful to be able to test other places such as arms etc. So is that option more so to give you simply the choice of more testing areas or is it not as sore doing it on the arm?


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            I use an accuchek aviva right now but I am planning on changing. I need to find out which meter my insurance has picked for its formulary and switch. I need to be paying less for strips than I am. Tier 1 would be a lot better than I am paying as Tier 3 with my aviva.


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              You can examine, why you changing. The CONTOUR TS meter is an accurate, simple-to-use, large display screen and comes with automatic features that ensure accuracy.


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                I use the Free-Style Freedom Lite which I get free from the VA. I really like it because you only need a speck of blood to do the test. I think it's only 30 seconds before it's read also.