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What is your favorite meter?

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  • What is your favorite meter?

    I've been using the accu-chek aviva and I'm thinking of trying something different.
    I used to use a freestyle several years ago.

    What do you use and why do you like it?

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    I have freedom freestyle,One touch and a new Accucheck (Never used) The One touch i am giving to my friend and the Accucheck was a must.The only one covered under my Health Net Insurance. And the Freestyle Freedom i love.O what to do when the test strips run out.I barely got insured in 8/1/08 everything is free ,even my meds.After going without insurance for so many years,Whew that was hard.Broke me financially ,now i am saving for a car or Suzuki 400 Dual purpose motorcycle. JERRY


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      My favorite meter is whichever one takes a small sample, doesn't require coding, and that I can get the cheapest test strips for. Cost of the test strips is BY FAR the most important issue I face, as my insurance coverage sucks.

      Among the ones I like are the Accu Check Aviva and Bayer Contour - because I can pick up strips on ebay for under $35 per 100 without too much trouble.

      Freestyle Lite and OneTouch meters are good meters, but the strips are the most expensive ones out there when buying without coverage.

      I'm looking at also picking up freebie or low cost NovaMax and U.S. Diagnostics Maxima meters, because I perceive that the strips themselves might be available even cheaper than $30 per 100 in some places.

      If your insurance has coverage, you should research what they cover, and what it costs for supplies under that coverage. There are LOTS of good meters nowadays. But cost of supplies is all over the map.


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        What is your favorite meter?

        I have been using the Accu-check Advantage meter for the past five years, since first diagnosed, but I will be switching to the Freestyle Freedom-Lite meter as soon as my current supply of test strips runs out. I obtained the FFL meter at a recent diabetes education class, and I am told the strips will be substantially less expensive than for the Accu-check meter. I also like some of the other features of the FFL meter. I will share more details as they become apparent.


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          accucheck is wrong for me

          I just got the new accuchek breeze and it was 110 points higher than four other meters.
          I have never had any luck with teh accucheks at all. they ahve always read higher and that meant more insulin than I needed.
          My favs:
          Freestyle mini
          Once touch Profile
          One touch Ultra 2
          One touch Simple Start( in pink)
          Precision Xtra
          One touch Complete

          As you can see I like the Johnson and Johnson products most. they for me are the most accurate and when compared to my lab work it falls within two of our posints of what they show, where the accucheck are always 100 points or more off.


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            I base my purchases on strip price. I found some "Cleaver Check Voice" strips really cheap. I compared it against my last meter and it was fairly close, but....

            A talking meter is the stupidest thing I've ever seen. After about ten tests, I was ready to crush the thing. "Please relax during testing..." it says. Good thing it isn't reading blood pressure!

            Nothing is worse than finding out that your blood sugar is a bit high and have it yelled at you.

            Once I use these strips, it is back to one of my older meters.


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              I just want to add, that in the last few weeks, I've noticed that the cleaver check is about +/- 30pts when readings are taken one right after another, making it difficult to get a good handle on the exact reading.


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                Originally posted by faithib View Post
                I've been using the accu-chek aviva and I'm thinking of trying something different.
                I used to use a freestyle several years ago.

                What do you use and why do you like it?
                We have used the freestyle flash since he was dxd in 2007 , Now we are looking at the onetouch


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                  Freedom Free-style Light

                  I am liking this meter very much, particularly since I just obtained a new supply of test strips for only $15 per vial of 50 strips. In addition to the cost savings, the FFL meter requires an extremely small blood sample as compared to the Accu-check Advantage meter I had been using the past 6-7 years. I will keep the Accu-check meter as a back-up, but likely will stay with the Freedom meter for the foreseeable future. I also note that the lancets with the FFL are much more kind to my fingers than were the lancets with the Accu-check.


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                    One Touch Ultra 2

                    I had gotten a Nova Max almost automatically when I informed my health care people when I had to once again start to test my blood sugars a few times a day when my diabetes came back. My old machine was over ten years old and they said I should have a new one.

                    The Nova Max worked fine until I read the instruction book the first day and it informed me that the battery lasted for all of 28 blood tests. That is only a week's worth when you need to really check your blood sugars. I figured that I didn't want to buy a new battery approximately every week so I called my health insurance people and told them I wanted another machine and would send this one back to them right away.

                    The new machine I got was a One Touch Ultra 2 machine. It uses very little blood, has two batteries and they can be switched when one gets too weak, (one is just a back light battery) and can be read with or without the back light when the light is too weak.

                    The worst thing about it is the carrying case. It's too small to include everything I need. I like to carry more than one case of strips and more than a few lancets. I also have to use a tweezers to pick out one strip at a time. If I carry all that I don't have room to close the case with the machine in it.

                    And the machine is small. It's almost too small for my hands to grasp and so I use an old case and keep the machine tucked in it when I test.

                    Where there's a will there's a way.


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                      tiny strips

                      oh yeah they are so small. And if you dont get teh angle for the sip to work you just wasted a strip.
                      I am to the point forget the case. I sewed a small cosmetic case tossed in the meter, vial of strips. a few alcohol swabs, a 1/2 vial of insulin a few syringes . Its a padded bag and it looks nice and everything is there. No trying to fiddle with elastic straps or plastic cup holders.
                      If you want one let me know. I insulate it with padding so it keeps everything cool and looks fun! I use scrap fun fabrics.


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                        what is your favorite meter

                        my favorite meter is the contour as I got it at my diabetes class it easy to use and it small I test about 4 times a day


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                          Accu-check is best meter.


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                            Most meters work reasonably well. What most people are not aware of is that they should test more often at diagnosis and when they change foods or add new foods to to the menu.

                            Most (but not all) insurance companies will bend to allow people to get extra test strips if the doctor prescribes them. Many doctors will and others need to be convinced that you are testing for a reason. If your
                            A1c is heading in the wrong direction let the doctor know you need to test to see which foods are causing blood glucose levels to rise so you can eliminate them or decrease the serving size.

                            The other reason for having more test strips is for those on oral diabetes medications that can cause lows to be able to test frequently when this happens.