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  • Ridiculous!

    I just received a new Glucose meter. I haven't gotten a new one for over ten years and this is the first one I've gotten since so long ago.

    I put it all together and did a few blood tests and a control test and read through the little booklet that came with the meter. I got to the end of the book where it talks about upkeep of the meter and I nearly fell over. The meter runs on one button battery -- and the machine needs a new battery after every 20 tests! TWENTY tests? That's less than a full week of tests if you just need to test three times a day!

    My old machine might have taken a good minute before it told me the results of my test, but the batteries lasted at least six months! I am still using my old meter and probably will for a good long time.

    How can any meter insist that you buy fifty-two new batteries a year?

    This is just ridiculous. I wish I had known about the quick battery life before I bought it. Be sure to check that out before you get a new meter!

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    I agree

    I have never heard of such a thing like that. I have used close to 10 meters, and I have switched batteries in maybe just a few of them. I wonder what meter does that because I have never even heard of that before. That is weird and ridiculous, I agree.


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      That DOES sound ridiculous.

      could you tell us which meter it is?


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        i had one that did that

        I had a meter that a battery died a few times. we finally sent teh meter back. It turned out it had a loose PC board connection and they sent me the newest meter.
        My Profile that I have had for years is still running on its first battery.

        it depends on a whole factor, but usally if a battery dies its in the unit itself. three years is normal shelf life for a unit battery.


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          I have been using the same meter since being diagnosed with diabetes in 2003, and I have not yet had to change the battery. That sounds very peculiar to me.


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            Some meters store a certain number of blood glucose results in memory. You can find meters with sophisticated data management systems that track diet and exercise as well as your blood glucose.