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    Hello all,

    I am type 2 Diabetic and love my diet sodas. Are they really bad for diabetics? Any feedback would be very helpful.

    Thank you

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    Diet sodas are sugar free and non-alcoholic so nothing to worry about. It's intended for diabetic person and for those who are health consious people. Cheers!


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      I think the subjects has been brought up in here, but no problem.
      I would look for diet drinks that use Splenda.

      I think diet coke uses it, no?


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        Personally, I would avoid drinking diet soft drinks because they come with a host of health problems.


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          water is always better, naturally
          but if you have to choose from regular and diet, of course you should choose diet


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            There is a study out there (there is ALWAYS a study right?) that says that artificial sweeteners set your body up to want to consume more calories. They say that a sweet drink without any real calories in them makes you crave more real calories and you eat more after having a diet drink.

            Personally I think that as long as you also drink healthy drinks, that an occasional diet soda can't hurt you. I think diet sodas do indeed stop you from taking in extra calories to help you stick on your diet.

            I also think that some of these diet sodas can be thought of as a dessert they taste so good. And to have no calories and still make you not feel hungry anymore is a good thing! I only drink one soda a week, but I love it and as long as I keep using it as a real treat and not just a constant drink, I think I am doing well on my diet.


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              If you consume diet sodas everyday, you may be setting yourself up for further health problems. I'm not a diabetic, but I used to drink alot of diet sodas for weight maintenance. Not only were my taste buds affected, but I did tend to crave more sweets. I later decided to give them up and haven't regretted it.


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                There are nothing to worry about diet soda they are not alcoholic. Further they do not contain sugar content.It is made for diabetic patients .There is nothing to worry about it.


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                  Diet sodas

                  Diet sodas that contain splenda for now would be better since no current research has indicated there are side effects from this form of sweetener. The real issue for some people that drink colored sodas isn't just the sugar but the phosphoric acid that contributes to the formation of kidney stones. Drinking sodas that are clear contain little or no phosphoric acid and would be a better choice. Anything taken in excess is not beneficial regardless of being diabetic, which just adds additional precautions to daily living.


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                    the only trouble wth d soda is

                    When you run out. Many people choose to drink and it becomes habit after years instead of eating. Filling the tummy with fluid actually reduces craving for food over time.
                    Splenda is made from the sugar refining process so every world wide test bad clinical study proved it to be better at controlling sweet tooth than saccharine, does not have teh same side effects of over indulgence, is stable in heat and all fluids like sugar. Acts like sugar in the confectionery process and doe not promote tooth decay.

                    So tehe only question is sodium content for kidney push and many are low sodium and then teh question become Ester fo wood Rosin for Orange soda stability

                    but the biggest is what happens when you run out!


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                      Diet Soda and Phosphorous

                      The main problem I see in diet soda or any soda is the abundance of phosphorous. Phosphorous works inversely with calcium and therefore, with a higher amout of phosphorous consumed there will be a higher amount of calcium lost. The darker colored sodas have a higher level of phosphorous and are worse for you. Patients with kidney disease should not drink soda, especially dark soda, due to the increased workload on the kidneys. With decreased kidney function there will be a build up of serum phosphorous.


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                        Hi there,

                        There is no ban on diet sodas, but taking them or not, depends on individual's choice. I don't suggest taking diet sodas on regular basis because it contains gas which helps in digesting the food. If you take diet sodas on regular basis, then it becomes a habit and food cannot be digested naturally. So after sometime we have to depend on diet sodas to digest the food. We lose the natural digestive mechanism and therefore better avoid taking diet sodas.

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                          Diet Soda

                          The issue I have with soda of any kind (regular or diet) is that it contains a lot of phosphorous. Phosphorous works inversely with calcium and the result is that the higher the phosphorous, the more calcium will leave your body. This results in weaker bones. Drinking an abundance of soda, instead of water, is not cleansing. You are simply consuming artificial sweeteners, dyes, etc. instead of water. Moderate soda drinking would be more acceptable. Anything moderate seems to be!


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                            Maybe it's an urban myth, but have you heard that apparently a cremation is sometimes more difficult if the deceased person consumed a lot of diet sodas?

                            The suggestion is that the soda makes the bones less likely to burn.

                            I have no idea if that's actually the case or not.


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                              Diet soda are sugar free and non-alcoholic so it is good for diabetes patients