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Recommended diet for pregnant women with diabetes

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  • Recommended diet for pregnant women with diabetes

    Recommended diet for pregnant women with diabetesf:

    20 percent of calories from proteins (including lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs and nuts)

    About 30 to 40 percent from primarily unsaturated fats (fats that come mainly from plants and vegetables)

    40 to 50 percent from mainly complex carbohydrates (including grains, such as whole-grain bread, cereal, pasta and rice, as well as fruits and vegetables)

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    Pregnant women with diabetes should increase their intake of carbohydrates. If they are taking insulin, they should make sure that the gap between breakfast and dinner should not be over 10 hours. Some recommended foods that are rich in carbohydrates are brown rice, pasta, oats and beans.

    Apart from carbohydrates, pregnant women with diabetes should also make sure that their daily meals include milk, fresh vegetables and fruits. They should avoid refines sugar, or foods that are starchy and anything instant.
    It should also be remembered that about 20% of their weight gain should come from sources of protein. Their cholesterol intake should be limited as well.

    Type 2 diabetes is more prevalent among senior women over 40. It is of utmost importance that such women consult their nutritionist to plan out the correct diet to prevent complications during pregnancy.
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      why increase carbs when diabetic?

      Why would you recommend increasing carbs for a diabetic (even a pregnant diabetic)? Carbs are a major culpit in diabetes and are a huge factor in causing BS to go out of wack. It is very important to keep BS under control, especially while pregnant. I would recommend a high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet while pregnant (and at any time when diabetic, or if you are concerned with one day developing diabetes).

      Diabetes is rapidly growing as an epidemic throughout the world...and one coincidental fact is that we are consuming much more carbs than ever before (in the world). Could the two be related? I think it is certainly possible...and the arguments I hear from Dr.'s and researchers that are finding this to be true have a very strong case that I find quite believable. It may not yet be the popular belief, but I bet it will be before long.