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  • Any Suggestions????

    What can I do to prevent from having diabetes? Any special exercises or foods I should be looking into?

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    Do exercises in early hours of morning, do mostly exercises such as walking or cycling. Eat food which contains less sugar content.


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      There's no magic spell or magic beans that will make you impervious to diabetes, but there are some things you can do.

      Try to keep to a healthy diet, try to keep your weight to normal and try to exercise. You can also try meditation to keep you from being stressed out.

      And if all these things don't work -- and they might not work, make sure that you are checked for diabetes when you see your doctor. If it happens, then try to:

      Keep to a healthy diet, try to keep your weight to normal and try to exercise. You can also try meditation to keep you from being stressed out.

      No matter how much you try, sometimes life happens and you get the bad side of things. But trying to live in a healthy way will have all sorts of great side effects, so you should try it.


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        Healthy diet and excerise but diet is the main key in my book.


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          For some people, diabetes is a genetic thing, and they have it from a young age. Just make sure that you watch what kind of foods you eat. Read the nutrion labels! Try to eat less and balance that with exercise.


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            prevent diabetes

            Try to stay as close to your ideal weight. Exercise at least 20-30 minutes 5 days a week. Combine food groups: high fiber carbs, with lean protein and healthy monounsaturated fats. Check out our website:
   and click DIY and then click healthy eating. You'll see a week of meal plans to guide you. That's how we ALL should be eating to maintain our health. Try to limit excessive sweets but remember you are human and deprivation never works!!!


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              Hi there,

              Nutritious foods and regular workouts keep us from being affected by diabetes. Walking, drinking more water, Yoga will totally stop the onset of diabetes and it is proved in most of the cases. Also select the diet and should be precribed by dietitian so the metabolism of the body is not affected.



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                Type 1 or Type 2

                With Type 2 diabetes, it is usually from insulin resistance (insulin works inefficiently) and weight loss and exercise and reduced stress all work to decrease the resistance and increase the insulin sensitivity. However, some people with Type 2 have insulin resistance AND don't make enough insulin. In this case, the above will help a lot but they typically would need medication as well. With Type 1 diabetes, there is no insulin so - being healthy always helps keep the body strong - the person will always have diabetes and need exogenous insulin (insulin injections).