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Natural Juices - What's Wrong With Them?

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  • Natural Juices - What's Wrong With Them?

    Question: What is wrong with natural juices?

    Answer: Thanks for your question about natural juices. I know it sounds confusing but people who have diabetes should stay away from fruit juice. When juice enters the blood stream it is sending pure glucose into the system quickly since there is no food particle size. With diabetes your pancreas can no longer handle a big load of glucose so this sugar stays in the blood stream and creates damage. If you have type 1 diabetes and take insulin according to what you are eating it is different. You are able to treat the rise with insulin. When you eat a whole fruit like an apple you must break it down, metabolize it and the fiber helps reduce the rise in blood sugar. Vegetable juice ,V-8 juice or tomato juice can be a good option if you do not have hypertension (which will not cause a blood sugar rise) but not fruit juice. As always, you should discuss this with your medical professional. I hope this information helps. Keep asking those questions!