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    Question: Hello my name is Bob and I have a question on were else I can poke myself to get blood besides my finger?

    Answer: That is a great question that I am happy to address. For a few years meter companies talked about alternate test sites which were the palm of the hand or the fore arm. Unfortunately after studies they found that alternate test sites are not as accurate as the finger tips. There was lag time in the other sites which provided different readings and increased the risk of suffering from hypoglycemia. Therefore we continue to recommend the finger tips. A few pointers- always wash your hands with warm water and soap and do not use alcohol which will dry out skin. Always use a new lancet device- they are very thin and sharp and once used –they lose their protective coating and ability for a clean stick. Look at your lancet device and use a lower number setting if you experience pain. Do not use the finger pads but use the side of the fingers. Use all fingers except the thumbs. These tips should help you . Most times if not on insulin you only need to test 1-3 times a day. Obviously when on insulin the requirements change so always consult with your health care provider. If all else fails there is a lancet device called the Delica made by the One Touch meter. The lancet rocks less in the device and causes less pain. You could special order just the lancet device and the lancets. They are smaller, thinner lancets. You could use this device with any meter. Hope this helps.

    Good luck,
    Nurse Robbie