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Blood sugar monitoring methods

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  • Blood sugar monitoring methods

    Hey all,

    Although I don't have diabetes myself, I recently found out that someone close to me in my family was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Now, we are dealing with the transition into diabetes monitoring, including a revised diet and getting used to checking blood sugar levels daily.

    I know people usually check their blood sugar with a glucose meter. Do they then have to write or simply remember that number or do all glucose meters have the ability to store this information? Is there any better products out there that make blood sugar level monitoring easier (asides from the glucose meter)?

    I recently became aware of websites that allow diabetes patients to enter daily glucose meter readings online so that they can then track their levels over time. They can email or give access to their medical providers to this information. Have any of you worked with anything like this? How beneficial was it, or did it make monitoring your health easier? The supposed purpose of these sites is realtime blood sugar tracking and faster consultations with your doctor, as well as just generally having access to an online database of your sugar levels.

    Thanks all. Cheers.