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    Ok, I'm in a situation were I'm a new diabetic, my insurance is only good in one county, and Im dealing with a psycho soon to be ex who has nothing better to do than try to keep local leo's busy by trying put me in the klink , so Im avoiding the county an state like the plauge! So please dont tell me to see the dr. It cant happen at this time... no ins no$$$ outside the county

    question is , when this first started my sugar was running any were from 375 to 600+ not sure how hi over 600 cause the meter kept saying hi to me,,,, any how ive been using novalin 70-30 in morn an nite @28u every 12 hours and novalin-R @ a rate of 1 unit for every 20 mg/dl that i need to drop.... I've gotten this mess down to 130's to 190's ,,

    does the 28u of 70/30 2x day & 1u per 20mg/dl sound like alot ? I'm 50yo, M, - 6' @ aprox 190lbs

    Also there are times when as an example say I eat and an hour later my sugar is say 220 I would take 5u's of R and my sugar wouldnt drop at all, so I would have to take another 5u's and it might only drop 50 - 60 mg/dl, in theory 10u's should have dropped my blood 200mg/dl ,,, but it didnt ,,,neven with the carbs figured in at 20 carbs = 1u,,, anyone know why this is?

    one last thing My blood has dropped into the 60's ang 1can of coke can raise it 200mg/dl.. is that norm for 1 can of soda?

    I was also told this is stress related, can this be true , and if so could this be temporary and go away?