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newly diagnosed need a little help

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  • newly diagnosed need a little help

    Hi all I'm a newly diagnosed type 2 patient, my doctor has me on 500 mg metformin. And 40mg lisinopril . As of lately I have been feeling really tired about mid day occasionally I get a little light headed and at times my feet tingle for unexplainable reason. Now I recently moved cross country from Fl to Ca and I'm wondering are these normal symptoms or cause for control my last two readings where 80 & 82 I'm uninsured currently and dont really want to plop down a lot money just to be told its all normal and fine. Now I will admit all of these things have occured with in the last week and I have not been eating or following exercise plan like I was previously and think that may be maim cause. None of the things I listed have been debilitating and some what come and go. I am 28 years old and don't have any friends with the disease whom I can ask for advice or even compare situations with so any feedback or advice on how I can conquer this is greatly appreciated

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    I would ask yourself do I trust my dr and do I know my body enough to know if something is wrong. The med dose is normal for diabetis 2 but you and anyone could have a different reaction . There are many variables to consider b4 making any decisions Mice to meet you!