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    Hello all I'm a newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes my Doctor has given me 500mg metformin to be taken twice daily along with hydrochlorithizide and Lisonopril, I recently moved to California and since my move have been feeling tired in the middle of the day some light headedness , my feet tingle at times(that's new for me). I don't know if I'm over thinking this whole situation or if this is normal for diabetic s as I am only 28 I don't really know many others with the disease . NOW I will admit since my move I haven't been eating has healthy as I once was or exercising like I was. I was wondering if that could be the cause or am I simply just over reacting none of the things I'm stating have been debilitating or painful and I'm here uninsured so before I plopped down a hefty sum to go to a walk id figured let me try and find others that may be similar to me. THANK YOU in advance for all advice and feedback