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  • Wife a new diabetic

    My wife went to the Dr last Thursday. Friday they called and said her blood sugar was 346. They ran a A1C and her 90day average was 248. I got a meter and her BS was 394 that afternoon. Next AM it was 255 fasting.
    Her Dr is on vacation so he will see her when he gets back in 2 weeks. I put her on a low carb diet myself and her BS is coming down slowly. I have a lot of questions. How bad are those numbers? Is a low carb diet the right thing? What next while we wait for the Dr to get back? Any tips?

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    Anybody Home?

    Wow, I joined and posted this six days ago, and not one response. I belong to a pipe board, and if a noob posted a question there would be six responses in ten minutes. Does anyone read this board?


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      With numbers this high you should go to the emergency room or see a doctor as soon as possible, if you cannot see her doctor right away. They may give her medication to lower the numbers. The low carb diet is good, however you should get help from a doctor before two weeks since her numbers are high.


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        Well, she was diagnosed on the 16th. Today is the 28th. Her Dr returns on the 29th. It took so long to get a reply that it is time for her to see the Dr. Good thing she made it on the diet.


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          One idea...

          Hi there! Hope this isn't too late...

          In general, studies have shown that one of the most helpful ways of monitoring diabetes comes through keeping a logbook! If you or your wife have an iPhone, you might want to check out this really simple, easy app called the Glooko Logbook app. If you go to their website you can purchase one of their cables and then use their free app to download the readings straight from your wife's meter directly to your phone! Then you can take notes and get a couple of really helpful view options to see your readings are at different points in the day and in response to different activities, foods, etc. She'll even be able to share this data with her doctor electronically through email or efax. It's a pretty neat product. Hopefully it'll help monitoring diabetes be more convenient!

          Hope this helps!