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  • Cure For Diabetes

    Is there a known cure for this terrrible disease or one has to live with it all there lives. Another day a friend fainted while driving n it was pretty scary.

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    Thinking positive

    Unfortunately there is no cure for this disease. "
    She could have prevented teh situation by testing before she started driving. The best defense is self management education.

    I have been diabetic all of my life, and these past 10 years with medication. I chose insulin. I like the freedome of insulin. and teh abiklity to eat as little as I want.

    While there is no cure, educationa nd information is her best weapon. And really its is not that hard to learn.


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      I think it's great that you care so much about your friend as to come here and ask your question.

      As you can tell from all of us here, there's no cure. If there were, than all of us wouldn't be here with our questions and problems! LOL! The best all of us can do is try and control our blood sugars so that they can get as close to normal numbers as possible.

      As a friend of a person who drives and has diabetes, you'll need to be very careful so as not to hurt your friend's feelings about it, but she really was wrong in driving other people around when she didn't check her blood sugars. Perhaps you could say that you have diabetes in your family and you need to learn about it so that you both can learn about it together -- and that way you will be able to make sure that she does a better job of checking her bloodsugar before driving.

      There are a lot of sites online that has to do with diabetes and living safely with it. You can read up on some topics and then discuss them with your friend.

      The best thing she can do for herself is to eat healthy and check her blood sugars every day, many times a day. Perhaps ask her if you can be around when she checks and you can then make sure that she checks it before driving. Perhaps when you both go to lunch together, you two can discuss what is healthy to have on the menu.

      Everybody I know, diabetic or not, discusses their food habits now a days, so it would seen normal to talk about healthy eating. You can see if she goes overboard on dessert or if she goes in the opposite direction and doesn't eat at all. Let her know that you would be happy to learn about diabetes with her. Having a friend who cares could be just the thing that will make her think twice before again driving without checking that her blood sugars are good.
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        Sadly there is no cure for diabetes. The only thing that we could do for diabetes is to keep it under control even then there is a high possibility that our body becoming weak day by day and beyond a certain age diabetes can cause some serious complications.


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          No cure but there is a change in your life style that can help you along. Healthy eating and excrises help keep it under control.


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            It is control over it. Some medication help control blood sugar levels. If your blood sugar levels cannot be controlled by diet, exercise, and weight loss. Then prefer Diamicron. Generic for Diamicron (Gliclazide) is used to help control blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes.


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              Diabetes can't be 'treated' with herbal treatments. It is, despite how it's portrayed, a really serious ailment that requires medicine.

              To deal with type two diabetes you have to take oral medication that can help your body process the insulin you're making. Diet and exercise can help to eliminate the amount of this drug you have to take.

              To deal with type one diabetes you have to take artificial insulin (i.e.: injections) every single day. Type one diabetics no more produce insulin by themselves as a result of an autoimmune ailment that shut down the development. There is no cure with this.

              But while getting the treatment for diabetes you should take some precautions like balanced diet in small amount, exercise daily, etc.