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  • best prices ever

    my old insurance used to pay for part of the test strips strips. now i have a different insurance company that won't reimburse me, but this sites prices are so cheap, im paying less now than what i was paying WITH insurance.
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    I have never seen anything for fre unless im just not looking. But I have seen low priced equipment offering discount prices on stuff. But what is the catch to that stuff though.


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      Reduced prices for test strips

      I have been a diabetic for about 7 years now. The test strips typically are one of the more expensive parts of the condition. Great news this past week, though. After switching to a meter from the folks at Freedom and using a card they gave me with the new meter (i.e., by the way, the Freedom testing meter is a "preferred" meter with my insurance company). I obtained a vial of 50 test strips for only $15 dollars. This is a vial of strips normally costing upwards of $60. That is music to my ears!!! And the best part is that all I have to do is show the Freedom I.D. card each time I go for refills for my test strips prescription. By the way, in case anybody is not aware, you should never be buying the test strips without a prescription. Yes, the strips are out where you can get them yourself. However, if you will have your doctor issue a prescription, you are bound to obtain some level of a discount for the strips. FYI to all. Have a great day!!