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Medicare Coverage on Shoes and Boots for Diabetics

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  • Medicare Coverage on Shoes and Boots for Diabetics

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm looking for more information in regards to Medicare coverage for diabetic shoes and boots, such as extra wide work boots, as I need to get some protective boots for work.

    I know that Medicare covers one pair of shoes for diabetics a month, but up to how much do they cover? Also, does anyone have online recommendations for e-retailers that accept medicare?

    Any information would be of great assistance!

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    My experience with Medicare covering diabetic shoes isn't the best. The shoes I received were Dr. Comfort and they fell apart on me quickly. Afterwards, I wasn't able to get another pair through medicare or return them, even though it seemed like it was a manufacturing issue or something.

    Some boots that I've gotten for work are PW Minor and I just ended up paying out of pocket because my doctor didn't carry them. Great pair of boots and I'm happy.

    Just like with's give and take with medicare. Hope this helps.