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  • Alternatives?

    One of my diabetic relatives has problems getting exercise as suggested by his doctor. He suffers ongoing pain from injuries received in a car accident and movement makes his pain worse. Unfortunately his doctor seems to ignore this when bugging him about exercise.

    Should this fellow find another doctor, or are there exercises that don't require a lot of walking or running, but still help control his insulin requirements?
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    Alternative fun exercises.

    Well it seems tha one doctor is not creative. But he doesnt ahve to switch doctors.
    Your friend just ahs to be creative.
    the idea of exercise is to allow the muscles to use the glucose.
    So the question is what is exercise is fun and easy.
    Sorkeling and water exercise. Doin exercise in water allows for weight to be alleviated off teh body and work teh muscles.

    What about bowling? How about a few rounds of horseshoes? Minigolf anyone? How about an hour of playing catch? Frisbee? How about taking aboat out and rowing a bit?
    go to the and set up an account and look at all the types of exercise there that counts!


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      Are the joints used in jogging, walking, bowling and horseshoes are part of his pain "complex"?

      If so, that would explain the problems he has with movement.

      Before changing doctors, he might need to get better pain control!


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        I would suggest your relative to get help from a physiotherapist.

        Physiotherapists are much more experts in physical exercises especially when people are injured. I am sure that a physiotherapists will help you in this case.


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          Isometric exercise and Yoga

          What about Yoga and other forms of 'Isometric' exercises?

          Isometric exercises are performed from a static position and don't involve changing the joint angle or muscle length.


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            I would definitely recommend getting involved in an exercise class that has yoga, pilates, or any other kind of stretching in general. These types of exercises are ways to have a great low intensity workout that will help with flexibility as well as muscle strength--and you can still burn calories, too


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              Hi there,

              I agree with the views expressed by manojjonam10, who spoke about physiotherapy and simple exercises for those who are injured. Yoga is also a good option because it is done in static position which is easy for injured people. I also suggest your relative to consult the doctor to get right medicines to relieve from body pains. I think tablets prescribed by a qualified doctor would be better at this moment, because it acts internally to get rid of pains, apart from physiotherapy. I hope this helps.



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                Yeah right!! A physiotherapist will help him for sure at its best..