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  • Actos small problems

    I just took an AMA CME on ACTOS. the FDA has approved new labeling that the use of Actos in type 2 patients may cause macular edema.
    In a new study a majority of the 50 pateints tested with type 2 diabetes had increased eye edema. that means blurry vision. IN some they even exhibited edema in other parts of teh body. this could also cause incaresed pressures elseware. they are suggesting that Microlbinuria tests be done prior to strarting actos ot makesure that your kidneys can do the clearance. Its also suggested that a quarterly " glaucoma" or ocular pressure test be done in addition to slit lights.

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    Actos has been linked to bladder cancer and heart disease which was the reason why do patients need to claim for their compensation through filing an actos lawsuit against the Takeda Pharmaceuticals which is the manufacturer actos. In addition, it has also a long list side effects, other patients had stop taking this drug to due its life-threatening side effects.