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Need help to develop a diabetes logging application!

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  • Need help to develop a diabetes logging application!

    Hey All,
    Please forgive me for intruding, as I know it is difficult enough to keep solicitors out from forums as is, but I'm working with a few others to develop a glucose and food logging application on Android and we are currently finishing our alpha version of the application. We need a few people to test the application and to send us some feedback on it, so we wanted to reach out to the diabetes community and see what improvements could be made as well as suggestions on features we could add to improve the UI, GPS tagging, and access to food databases. Our end goal is to connect the application through bluetooth to our hardware for continuous glucose monitoring that we are developing. Please respond to this thread, via private message, or email me at with any questions and comments and let us know if you'd be interested in participating in the alpha test. Thank you!!

    @moderators Please feel free to move this to another section of the forum if it is misplaced. Thank you!